Flap Door with 4 Way Lock

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Material: Plastic

  Outside size: height 25CM* width 23.5CM* thickness 5.5CM
  Inner size: inner height 19CM* inner door width 18CM
Size: M
  Outside size: height 19.8CM* width 19CM* thickness 5.5CM
 Inner size: height 15.5CM* inner door width 14.7CM
Size: S
  Outer size: height 19.8CM* width 19CM* thickness 1.8CM (suitable for installing glass doors and windows)
  Inner size: height 15.5CM* inner door width 14.7CM

Customer Reviews

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все понравилось. дверца идеально подошла. кошке нравится


дорого за кусок пластика но в России хрен найдёшь


The door is good, it came quickly. Installed. Cats are happy. Learned to break through the first day. The husband for the first time removed the sealing foam so that it would be easier to open/close. On the street in a cold climate will not fit-it will very miss the cold. Not in the Sakhalin winter. I bought two (according to the plan: from the house to the prebannik, from the prebannik to the street), but they decided not to put it on the street. In general, cats are satisfied, and this is the main thing. I should have bought it before, not worked half-time.


Everything is fine, bought for 1060 rubles. Got the Whole, took Max size for the cat and apparently correctly done, did not seem too big, that's it. Fitted under the thickness of the door, screwed on the screws included in the kit. The installation took an hour and a half.


приехало целое. полтора месяца. Nice Door. The plastic is soft, it is easy to try if you need to fit the size. In the complete set are short and long bolts, which tighten both parts of the door. At the edges of the pile door. The built-in magnet does not allow you to hang out from a draft. I'm glad, and the kittens don't seem to be very good.